There is a variety of Servv pricing plans. Our customers are able to pick from our three fantastic plans which include Star, All-star, and Superstar. The names for the plans were inspired by our favourite athletes. At Servv all of our customers are stars in our eyes. Each and every individual or company that purchases a subscription plan will receive out of this world support and service!


After purchasing the Star plan, customers unlock a wide variety of premium features including Zoom and Google Calendar integration, frontend widget customization. A few more features include email notifications and multiple Shopify integrations such as product, order and user integration. When it comes to customer bookings and the number of live events, they are both unlimited for all 3 plans. However, customers paying for the Star plan can only book 1 recurring event and if they wish to book more they will need to upgrade to either the All-Star or Superstar plan. For training and guidance on how to use the product, Star customers will receive online documentation and videos. If Star customers have any concerns or queries they are able to contact our support associates during normal business hours via email.

All-Star & Superstar

After purchasing either the All-Star or Superstar plan for your store, you will receive the same premium features unlocked with the Star plan, as well as an upgrade in a few key areas. For the All-Star plan, the number of recurring meetings increases from 1 to up to 10 meetings. With the Superstar plan, it is unlimited. For training and guidance, All-Star subscribers will receive online documentation and videos as well as a shared general overview session. Superstar customers will unlock both of these previous features and also a dedicated consultative review session. When it comes to customer support, All-Star customers will receive everything included in the Star. Additionally 24/7 support with a cloud engineer via chat and email. If customers want to take it even one step higher, subscribing to the Superstar plan will include all of the customer support features included with the 2 previous plans, and also 24/7 support via phone with a cloud engineer.

Every single person deserves to be treated like a star, and at Servv we make sure that’s the case. Unlock all of these awesome features and much more by visiting our website at

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