Before our amazing Servv design team came up with our current logo, we had to go through many logos that didn’t make the cut. Our designing team has worked on 50+ logos and we couldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. Just like every other good logo (I’m not gonna say names but you know which ones I’m talking about), we wanted to focus on simplicity. How simple you may ask? Well, what about a circle with an S inside? Simple enough… right?

It is not as easy as one might think. Designing a logo so simple yet so great. Our design lead, Stas began with communicating with our design team about some potential sketches he had created, and as every artist knows not every design is a home run. So once our design team had narrowed it down into the general shape and style we wanted, next came the hard part. The details. Details, details, details. So many details. The font and style of the S, the shape of the circle, the shades and texture used, and most importantly, the colours. To find the perfect colour combination is no easy task, it needs to be like a match made in heaven, sort of like peanut butter and jelly. So after multiple attempts and combinations, when we saw this pairing, we knew it was the one.

We wanted to create a logo that connected the customer with the client. The S represents the crossroads of two worlds, coming together to be complete. During the creative process of the logo Stas had this to say; “Creating the logo for the Servv was both an exciting and quite difficult mission because our goal was to create something new, unifying, clear and at the same time impressive.”

That’s right, 50+ logos and many many later, we had the one. We have the perfect logo. This is all thanks to our amazing designing team. We would also like to give a special thank you to our head designer Stas. Our Servv logo is so simple at first view yet also so much deeper after further thought. This is just the start, there are many great things to come to Stay tuned for more updates and more blogs on what’s going on with the company!

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